AromaPaws Coat Spray


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AromaPaws Coat Spray

Daily spray to freshen & condition skin & coat.

Available in the following scents:

Coconut Papaya - Fresh Hawaiian papaya, seagrass and seaweed extracts blend for an outdoors fresh fragrance. Coconut Oil is a natural moisturizer, Papaya Extract conditions skin & coat, Vanilla Bean Oil is soothing stress reliever, Seagrass Extract purifies skin & increases circulation, Seaweed Extract is anti-inflammatory.

Lemongrass Vanilla Bean - Vanilla Bean Oil is a soothing stress reliever, Lemongrass Oil aids natural shine, White Grapefruit is an astringent & coat cleanser and Egyptian Geranium Rose Oil balances dry skin & reduces inflammation.

Orange Nutmeg - Organic Orange Oil calms & detoxifies, Nutmeg Oil is a natural antiseptic, Organic Vetiver Oil calms aggressive dogs.

Lavender Chamomile - Lavender oil is blended with Organic Blue Chamomile for a soothing & relaxing fragrance. Hints of Ylang Ylang & Eucalyptus add a slight herbal bottom note Lavender Oil is a relaxant & skin soother, Organic Blue Chamomile
helps restore pH balance to dog’s skin & coat, Ylang Ylang Oil softens skin & smoothes hair shaft and Eucalyptus Oil naturally refreshes & cleans skin.

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