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Wonder Walker - Back Strap - Hunter Orange Medium 3/4

Wonder Walker - Back Strap - Hunter Orange Medium 3/4

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The halter places control of your dog around his center of gravity rather than his head or neck. This method moves the training cues from the head and neck to the dog’s body. This utilizes a dog’s instinctive push/pull reflex called the opposition reflex — a dog’s natural inclination is to move toward pressure. This reflex is why so many dogs pull while on leash — as you pull, they pull back.

However, by attaching your leash to the chest ring, the pressure you apply is directed to the opposite side of their body by the girth strap. Your dog’s leash now allows you to persuasively guide your dog in the direction you want him to move. Unlike head halters, the Wonder Walker™ Body Halter© requires little or no acclimation time. 

Made in Seattle!


The WonderWalker Body Halter comes in many different sizes to accommodate all shapes and sizes of dogs.

  • Tiny    5-10lbs | 8-14”  girth | 3/8” webbing

  • Toy     9-15lbs | 13.5-18” girth | 3/8” webbing

  • X-Small      14-22lbs | 17-24” girth | 5/8” webbing

  • Small     21-35lbs | 20-28” girth | 3/4” webbing

  • Medium      35-65lbs | 25-33” girth | 3/4” or 1” webbing

  • Large     60-90lbs | 27-36” girth | 1“ webbing

  • X-Large      80lbs + | 31.5-48” girth | 1” webbing

The girth measurement of your dog is the best way to choose the correct size of harness.

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